Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012: A Wiggly Party (Session leader: Christine)

Today marked the official kick-off of Kids International Club (KIC)! I happened to be in charge of this session and tried to put together a program that would be fun for the kids. I hope it worked!

I think that the sessions will basically follow a similar format, in some form or another:
  • Singing/dancing
  • Crafting
  • Reading
Today, three kids attended, all aged about 18 to 22 months. First, we sang a song called "Hello, Hello, Hello and How Are You?," a very short, catchy song that the kids seemed to enjoy. We followed up with an all-time favorite (of my kids at least!), "Rock-a-bye Your Bear" by the Wiggles. I had planned to keep it to one song, but the kids LOVED the Wiggles, so we ended up singing and dancing to a few more songs: "Can You Point?," "Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga Big Red Car," "The Monkey Dance," and "Get Ready to Wiggle." All three kids were wiggling around the room by this point and using their handmade maracas!

After we had gotten loose enough, we moved onto a simple craft: drawing the outline of their hand on a paper plate, putting stickers on the plate and coloring.

We read two books: "Baby Happy, Baby Sad (Leslie Patricelli)," which teaches kids about emotions (happy and sad only!) and "Where is Baby's Belly Button? (Karen Katz)," which helps kids learn the words to some of their own body parts.

We ended the session with, of course, another Wiggly-party, dancing the afternoon away.

As we plan to do after all sessions, we shared lunch and let the kids play in the playarea of AIM. I'm looking forward to our next session on the 29th!
A selection of today's books with our handmade maracas


Kazuko Yano said...

My daughter still loves your beautiful handmade bottle, and shakes it and looks inside(very seriously) everyday. Thank you for the great session!! We definately need to get one of 'Wiggles' for ourselves.....
I loved your book selection too!!

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